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7 Relaxation room Ideas

December 19, 2020

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how to create a relaxing room

Stressed out lately? You’re not alone. 
This year has been a whirlwind of uncertainty, confusion, filled with economic and political strife. The importance of self-care has never been more prevalent. And with a majority of Americans spend more time at home, I think we can all agree, that we want our homes to be our safe havens; a place to unplug, relax and escape. Today I am sharing with you my latest post, 7 relaxation room ideas!

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Importance of Self Care

But then again, we also have kids, so there isn’t really much of an escape. We love our house – it’s not a mansion, not very glamorous, and somehow we’ve managed to squeeze a family of 5 and a 100 lb golden retriever under its roof, but it’s home. What I can say is that we’ve made the most out of every inch of our 1,500 sq ft home –  it’s warm, cozy, and filled with life and love. There are times, sure, that we dreamed of the space we’d get if we were to live in Texas or even Sacramento, but to me, home is where the heart is and it is what you make of it.

Which brings me to my next point. 2 years ago, I went on a trip to Arizona that changed my life. I stayed at a health and wellness resort called Miraval.  For years and years, my idea of self-care was a snack and tv at the end of a long day. Coming from an immigrant family where we hustle and work ourselves to the bone, the idea of self-care was a completely new concept to me, trendy even. But that all changed when I became a mom. Suddenly, I understood why self-care is so important. It’s because when you have kids, it can feel like they’ve become your priority above everything else; your physical, mental, and emotional health. But we all know, that isn’t true. In order to care for the little humans, we must first care for ourselves, so that we can be the best parents we can be when we function at our best.

That’s why I decided to create a little slice of Miraval in different corners of my house – because it’s a constant reminder to put myself first so that I can be my best

How to Create a Relaxing Room:

  1. Meditation/workout area – A space devoted solely to work out and meditate in. I have a fridge here packed with cold water, cold towels, and protein drinks!

2. Wellness Bar – Healthy snacks such as nuts, goji berries, walnuts, and seaweed.

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3. Fridge – Fruits, cheese, apple sauce, and smoothies. 

4. Shower – Hanging a bunch of Eucalyptus leaves with my shower head creates a beautiful aroma when I’m taking a hot shower that reduces stress and relieves congestion. I usually like to throw on Headspace on here, so that I’m able to meditate while I shower. 

5. Bubble Bath – A bubble bath with Epsom salt and calming and soothing candles. 

6. Nighttime Yoga – I created a nighttime yoga routine where I take just 10 mins of my time to do some yoga to stretch and clear my head before I sleep. Sometimes I get aches from carrying my kids and lugging things around, and doing a little stretch makes a world of a difference. 

7. Get outside – Go for a hike, jog outside, and take a breath. 

Lessons I’ve learned at Miraval

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It’s easier to take care of yourself if you’re prepared – When you have things prepared in advance you’re more likely to make healthier food choices. 

Create time and space for yourself – Create a personal space that you can love so that you know that when it’s time to use it, it means it’s time to relax and unwind. 

I truly believe when you take even just 30 mins of the day and save that time for yourself, you’ll feel a lot more energetic and calm. When you’re proactive about taking care of yourself, you won’t feel reactive as the day unfolds and all the chaos that comes with it (Poop, messy toys, food flying everywhere, vacuuming, and cleaning 24/7). As they say at Miraval, “life is better when in balance.”





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