My Productive summer morning routines

July 10, 2021

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Hey guys

While the mesmerizing sun is shining on us, I’m so excited to share my productive summer morning routine with you all. The way you start your morning can make or break your day! In the past months, my life has changed a lot.! Not just us, the pandemic has changed everyone’s life. Imagine the kids have been home with me for more than a year!😅  Man, that was crazy! And I know most of you have been going through the same craziness. But today I’m going to go through my productive morning routine with the help of which I organize myself. This summer morning routine makes me completely productive to take care of myself and my family!

Just like every day is different, why every morning should be the same? To tell you the truth I don’t have one set schedule for my mornings. I usually uniquely plan them and they can vary depending on the situation. Because with kids you don’t know what to expect sometimes. But ideally, this is what I believe should be your summer morning routine.

No Screen in the Morning

I usually wake up between 5:30-6:00 am. I’m used to waking up early in the morning, so now I no longer need my alarm clock. As soon as I wake up, I first stretch and move my body around a little bit. Then I go to the washroom and freshen up. The most important thing I am working on is the first hour after waking up. I don’t do any work or look at my phone (for social media or checking email). Though it’s hard to not check my phone, as my work revolves around social media and phone so I’ve made a commitment to myself to give myself that quiet time in the morning to do the stuff I want to do and take care of myself.

My Morning Drink

So the first thing I do in my summer morning routine is to make myself a glass of Citrus and Apple Cider Vinegar with warm water. I’ve been drinking this for a long time now, I used to just drink citrus plus warm water, but I started adding apple cider vinegar in it, and trust me I feel great.! The health benefits of having grapefruit and apple cider vinegar are countless. (check out my post here for the recipes and benefits)


So another thing you need to add to your summer morning routine is meditation. I’ve recently started meditating and I can’t tell you how much I love it. I was never a meditation person as you know I’m more of an active person. I always thought that mediation was boring. But after I started using the app calm, it completely changed my outlook. I feel connected to my soul, I feel calmer, it gives me a boost emotionally, and instead of worrying about the past or future I have started living and enjoying my present.

Coffee Time

After mediation, I usually go straight to get my morning coffee. Along with my coffee, I hang out with the plants in my garden. I love my garden so being out there is super Zen.

Exercise Time

The time till now gets around 7 am. I change and get into my workout clothes to exercise with Doug for about 30 mins. If I have more time, I go for a run with Opie or hop on my peloton. Exercise is super important for Doug and I. We love the feeling of breaking a sweat and sometimes being a full-time SAHM can be super stressful so working out helps me be a more patient and better mom.

I also started exercising and meditating with the kids. Since they’ve naturally high energy levels, it is so important to exercise and stretch. (Our version of PE (physical education))

Making My Bed

After working out and washing up, the most important thing on my list of productive morning routines is making my bed. Sadie and Cody are pretty good at making their beds too. This has become their daily habit. Kids are so good with routines. Now they remind me to make my bed if I haven’t already.

Giving Quality Time to my kids

My kids usually wake up around 7:30 am and that’s when my “Day” actually starts. First, when the kids wake up, we go to the chicken coop to feed the chickens and ducks and grab organic eggs. We just got 4 new chickens so Sadie loves going in there to make sure they’re doing ok.

Unload my Dishwasher

It’s so important to unload my dishwasher in the morning because that kinda sets the tone for me…I hate having dishes in the sink so if my dishwasher is empty, it helps me ensure I’ll put all the dishes throughout the day. This is one cleaning habit I’ve been working on…and sometimes I might skip this one, but most of the days I love to do it.


So how can my summer morning routine can miss an amazing breakfast? Today we’re making a savory oatmeal bowl. On 9/10 days we have eggs in the morning. We try to figure out different ways to make eggs, but usually, it’s hard to get creative unless daddy’s home in the morning. Usually, when I’m making breakfast, I’ll have 2 activity bins out for the kids. So, when they’re awake they know to go to that bin and see what they can do. It’s so important for kids to be independent and learn! (make sure to subscribe to my newsletter..tons of eggs recipes this summer.)



How can I miss my loving Opie in my summer morning routine? We love going on a walk with Opie in the morning and taking the kids out on a bike ride or scooter ride. I used to walk/run Opie every day but after having kids, I feel I’ve not given Opie the time and attention he used to get earlier. Doug and I are pretty good at dividing the job. If I don’t run him in the morning then he’ll take him out on a run or take him swimming.

Smoothies + Story-time

After our walk, we’ll have story-time and drink smoothies. Our days are pretty much the same every day, but in the daytime, Doug is off from work, so we always plan something fun to do with the kids.

Hope you guys enjoy our morning routine video and you will see how this one is different from traditional morning routine videos. Make sure to comment below and tell me what you can’t live without doing in the morning and share your summer morning routine with me!





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