July 13, 2021

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Summer is officially here and we’re loving it! We’ve been having so much fun this summer with having backyard BBQs, beach days, and our super fun trip to Disneyland! But just as we thought, Disneyland came and went in the blink of an eye, and now we’re left with another two months before the kids have to go back to school! While there are a ton of activities you can always do with the kids (road trips, the zoo, national parks, etc.) sometimes, it’s nice to just keep things simple! This is why if you’re stuck for ideas, keep reading to find 11 THINGS TO DO WITH THE KIDS THIS SUMMER!

While most parents are able to enroll their kids into summer camps, most of mine are young, so I thought it’d be best for me to enroll them when they’re all ready to go to a summer camp. Instead of bombarding them with a heavy schedule and long days at camp, I thought it’d be more fitting for them to just simply enjoy their summer as-is: doing tons of activities, enjoying the sunshine, going outdoors, using their imaginations, and exploring the beautiful world around them! This is the perfect time for the kids to venture outside and finally get away from all the devices and get some fresh air. So today, I’m going to share with you, 11 THINGS TO DO WITH THE KIDS THIS SUMMER!

Let’s get started!

Visiting Different Parks

summer activities with toddlers

We all go to the same park week after week. But have you tried visiting new parks? I would recommend visiting different parks in other places/cities. I love exploring parks other than our local parks. Even though you might think all the parks are the same, but it’s not! Something as small as a new playground can make kids feel like they’re in a completely different place. We love throwing in a new park every month to switch things up.

Summer Olympics

Since the Olympics are coming up in summer on July 23rd, 2021, why not follow along in the fun? Create your own family summer Olympics at home by doing a week-long of events.

You can create fun team names, uniforms, and events. Use your imagination with whatever toys you have at your disposal. Creating a balance beam with an old plank of wood or aiming to shoot as many free throws in a hoop as possible. It can be anything you’d like! Games like soccer, archery, badminton, beach volleyball, swimming, biking, are all great activities to get everyone moving.

Teach your kids how to cook

july 4th food

One of the best things to do with kids this summer is to teach them how to cook. I love teaching my kids how to cook, not only because they genuinely enjoy it, but also because they are learning a new lifelong skill. They can be your little helpers in the kitchen. Try making these fun foods: popsicles, cookies, pancakes, potato balls, sandwiches, croissants, etc. Having them work with different foods can also help them develop fine motor skills!

Movie night outdoors

This is by far my kids’ favorite thing to do. We have Sunday dinner with my family every week, and we cook outside while the kids watch a movie and eat outside. Less mess…less cleaning. That’s a win for me! It also compensates for the cinematic void in your child! We have a TV set up outside but you can also do this with a mini projector and white blanket! So if you are looking for summer activities for families, make sure to keep this one in your mind.

Scavenger Hunt

Every kid loves a scavenger hunt! Or should I say, I love scavenger hunts! I make a scavenger hunt for literally everything because it is THE easiest way to keep kids engaged when it comes to doing different activities outside (zoo, beach, museums, road trips, etc.) Check my Etsy shop if you’d like to download one yourself! Having them search for different items when we go on trips not only keeps them busy but also teaches them about teamwork, thus improving social skills, problem-solving, decision-making, and observation skills! They get to enjoy the outdoors too!

Backyard bonfire

I love to hang out outside with blankets, sing, play, stargaze, and have smores! Who doesn’t love camping? If you’re not able to go camping this summer consider doing this at home. The kids will love it! You can build a tent and pretend to sleep outside!


easy vegetaables to grow

Gardening is one of the most educational summer activities for kids. It’s so much fun teaching kids, about different types of food and how they grow. Try planting something this summer and watch it grow with your kids. It teaches them valuable skills such as nurturing, patience, and creativity. This is one of the best activities to build a healthy lifelong hobby for your kids!

Picnic at the Beach

activities for families

Take your picnic basket to the beach for a day! Have the kids help you pack a lunch and head to the beach for a day of sandcastles, swimming, and sunshine. This is the best time for you to enjoy the beach and let them run around. Kids enjoy and love the beach as much as we do!

Visit a fire station!

Firemen have always been an inspiration for my kids. They see them as real-life superheroes and they couldn’t be more right! Once I took them to a fire station and they loved seeing their heroes in real life. If you have never been to a fire station, this could easily be one of the funniest things to do with kids this summer. They get to see inside a firehouse and a real fire truck!

Go fishing

kids fishing

Go to a local lake and try fishing! My kids love fishing! You don’t always catch something, but they get so excited to go out and try!

Stay on the lookout for local events!

There are tons of things to do with kids this summer. You can look out for events like local concerts, farmers’ markets, camps, tours, etc. Because it’s summertime and we need no reason to enjoy ourselves with our kids!

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe summer!





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