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11 Tips for a Relaxed School Morning Routine!

August 16, 2021

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Hurry up…wash your face, brush your teeth, we’re getting late, did you eat your breakfast yet, where is your school bag?

Does this sound familiar??

Yes, it is that time of the year where we’re all popping champagne for our kids to get their butts back to school. Before we pop champagne and send our kids back to school, we must get our SH*T in order. Because being a mom is so much easier when you’re organized…yes, I wished in a perfect world we’re all so organized with our home cleaned, laundry done and folded, dishwasher empty, food cooked on time, etc. But it’s ok that we’re not…but we can try our best to make our mornings organized because it has a strong impact on how we spend our day. Research has proved that a morning routine can make you and your child productive throughout the day, and it also helps in shaping your personality.

So today I’m going to share with you my top 11 tips for a relaxed school morning routine. It’ll take a little planning, organizing, and executing. But I promise you if you follow these tips your mornings will be relaxed, calm, and you will be excited about school. I have 3 kids under the age of 5 but I’ve mastered the low-stress morning school routine. It took a lot of practicing and planning but I got there…so can you! Follow these tips and you’ll eventually get there too. Here’s what I did….

1. 30 mins of Mom Time

self care for moms

Yes, you have time for this mama! This tip is number one in our relaxed school morning routine list because it is so important and it sets the tone for a successful morning. This can be anything…meditation, coffee on the porch, listening to music, gardening, exercise, or all of the above. We all know how crazy mornings can be as soon as those little monsters wake up. So, it is absolutely crucial to block this time out for yourself. I promise you this will change your mornings. Do what’s best for you. Wake up early enough to start your day doing it your way and focusing on yourself first. This will trickle down and make everyone’s morning less stressful (including your hubby). If you were wondering what I do for my 30 mins…I wake up at 5:30 am because my time is so important to me now. I do all of the above! =) You can check out my post on self-care ideas for moms for inspiration!

2. Prep the Night Before


Okay, you know how can you have that ME time we just discussed? Prepping the night before! Spending a few minutes can save you from stress and mismanagement in the morning. This is really big for having a relaxed school morning routine. I always go to war when I get up in the morning, and what I mean is a preemptive strike. You want to make sure breakfast is prepared and lunches are made so when they get up everything will be ready for them. You waste a lot of time contemplating what to make in the morning…especially with the hungry little monsters.

3.  Morning Routine Chart

kids daily routine

Getting them on a good routine is so so so important. School morning routine chart helps remind them what they have to do in the morning, so they’re not those robots asking me repeatedly what they have to do next. Having something visual helps kids remember their routine…and of course, the stars are a big reward when they do it. (Be sure to subscribe for my weekly routine chart). Remember practice makes perfect. Once they get in the habit, they wouldn’t need this chart anymore.

  • Brush teeth
  • Wash Face
  • Make Bed
  • Get dressed

4. Sleep Early

This one definitely sets the tone for the morning. If your kids aren’t getting enough rest at night, they’ll wake up grumpy and tired. Then it is like a chain effect…sleeping late➡️ grumpy kids in the morning ➡️ grumpy mom.

5. Healthy Breakfast

I prefer to feed my kids anything but sweets in the morning. Making them something nutritious is my main goal. I like to stick to things like eggs, avocado, toast, salmon, or oats. For more recipes follow me on Instagram and my blog.

6. Organized house = Efficient house

We set our house up in a way to make our kids more independent. We have a cart where they have their water bottles, plates, utensils, and bowls. So when it is breakfast time they know to grab their own plates, utensils, and water. This makes them organized and it also saves us time and less work! And yes it also contributes to our relaxed school morning routine! Win-Win

7.  Don’t do it all yourself…Delegate

As a mom, you want to do it all…I understand that because we can. But remember communicating with your husband and getting him to help out is so important. Sometimes it is not like he doesn’t want to help, but he just doesn’t know what to do…(because we’re so in the zone). Getting daddy to help you out so you don’t have to do it all. Have him dress the kids while you’re making breakfast, or clean up while you’re getting the kids ready for school. Any help is good. Just remember to ask…and don’t take it all. It will make your day a lot smoother and it will also help you stay sane!

8. Give me some love


Start your day by hugging your little ones. I love starting my days with snuggling the kids and holding them. Giving them love and telling them how much you appreciate them goes a long way. Remember they grow up so fast…one day they won’t want you to hold them anymore. So, get those hugs in.

9. Start the day with positivity & Gratitude

Starting the day with positivity and gratitude is important. I do a simple 5 min meditation with the kids and then jump around and exercise before we have breakfast. Sometimes moving and dancing makes the day so much more positive and fun.

10. Block out time for time and reduce work time

I learned this the hard way…I overwhelm myself with tons of work in the morning so as I’m working, I’m multitasking with breakfast and getting my kids ready. Block out the morning by just focusing on getting your kids ready and breakfast so you don’t get overwhelmed. I use google calendar to block out time and send me reminders. Overwhelm mama=stressed out mama.

11.  Relax and breathe



And finally, take a deep breath and relax mama! If you’re late or your kids didn’t brush their teeth, it’s just not a big deal! At the end of the day, everything will be ok. Sh*it happens and just know we tried our best. Tomorrow is a new day. Breathe and pat yourself on the shoulder. No matter what happens it’s not the end of the world. Smile and give yourself a hug. Kids are happy and healthy…that’s all it really matters.

Good job mama! Proud of you! I’m here for you!





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