11 Best Christmas Gift Ideas: LAST MINUTE

December 15, 2021

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Christmas is literally around the corner. If you’re like every other person out there then you’re probably scrambling for ideas for Christmas gift ideas LAST MINUTE. I’m just like every mom or person out there procrastinating on all my gifts this year. It’s hard because after Thanksgiving you’re so tired from all the celebration and seriously you don’t have time to actually shop on black Friday. I tell myself every year I’ll be more organized next year…but it just so happens I’m back at the same spot every year. So this year I’m going to share with you the Best Christmas gift ideas last minute. Let’s get into it now!



cozy slipper

    • Everyone loves a pair of cozy slippers in the winter. My ENTIRE family loves slippers. Especially if you have a hardwood floor or live somewhere cold, it is always nice to receive cozy slippers. These are by far my favorite women, men, and kids slippers.
  1. Charging station

christmas gift ideas

    • This is by far the most practical and underrated gift. I myself love practical gifts. A wireless charger that charges your phone and airpod and your apple watch are amazing. Something you didn’t think you needed until you got it and thought wow, this is a game-changer. This is also a great white elephant gift!

3. Masterclass subscription

      • This is one of my favorite masterclass subscriptions by far. I was given this masterclass subscription last year and I love watching everything from cooking (me and Doug’s favorite), meditation, fitness, dog training, writing, and motivation. It’s really not that pricey if you were to divide them monthly. I’ve learned so much from Masterclass!

4. Massage gun

last minute christmas gifts

    • At this age with kids…everything kinda hurts. Especially since we’re pretty active and exercise regularly. Having this in hand is pretty helpful.

5. Coffee lover 

christmas gift ideas last minute

6. Makeup lover

make up loverlast minute gifts



7. Air tag

last minute gift ideas

    • This is a great gift for those who always misplace their keys and wallets. hint: I’m getting this for Doug this year! He can’t help himself but it takes him at least 5 mins in the morning to find his keys or wallet.

8. Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds

    • christmas gift guideI don’t know about you but I’m not a fan of working out in my AirPods, it literally falls out of my ears all the time. I prefer wireless earbuds that hook onto my ears. Especially when you’re working out and jumping you want something more steady.

9. Instant Pot

Instant pot

    • Who doesn’t love instant pot?? Instant pot for me means fewer dishes and an easy peasy dinner. I love popping something in the instant pot before I pick the kids up from school so that when they get home they have something to eat right away.

10. Meat lover: butcher box (bacon for life )

    • I’m a big fan of grass-fed meat, so it’s no brainer to use this meat subscription box. If you sign up right now you’ll get free bacon for life. You can change your subscription anytime. Even put it on hold if you have too much meat.

11. Garden lover

garden at home

    • Growing my own food and having a garden makes me feel at peace. I feel very relaxed and zen when I walk into my garden in the morning with birds chirping in the background. This will be a great gift for those of you who want to get into gardening or are already a gardener!

I hope you guys enjoy these 11 best Christmas gift ideas last minute! For some reason, everyone is a little late in the game so don’t feel bad for not having Christmas gifts for your loved ones. If you need any Christmas Gift Ideas: LAST MINUTE,¬† I love going to my local toy store to support small business owners. Make sure to follow me on Instagram and other platforms for my gift guides! Merry Christmas everyone!

Love, Tiffany



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