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New Year Goals Setting | Happy New Year 2022

January 1, 2022

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There’s something amazing about starting a new year! It’s like a brand new start. Most of all, I love love LOVE starting a new year because I get to set new goals. Every year, I like to take a day to reflect on what I’ve accomplished so far and what I can improve upon for the future. I love setting goals because it allows me to aim higher, push myself, and accomplish more in my career and as a parent.

This year was an amazing journey. It taught me so much about my capacity for learning. I went from barely knowing how to use Instagram to posting TikToks every day. I built my website, brand, and Youtube channel from scratch. I taught myself how to edit videos and conduct keyword research!

Even though my blog is still in its early stages, I’m quite proud of how far I’ve come in such a short time. Like my dad always said, nothing is easy in life. But I can say definitively that I’ve found my calling and passion. In fact, I still remember the day I made $16.50 on my ETSY. I was SO excited! It seems small, but I was proud of the fact that I am finally building my DREAM career on MY own terms.

I was building a business and even though it still remains to be seen where it will go, I feel fulfilled knowing that I am teaching something I am passionate about. That I am helping others to be healthier. That people are actually reaching out to me and asking me for advice on ways to be healthier! To me, that is priceless. And I know that if I work hard enough, someday it will work itself out.

This is why today, I’m going to share with you my New year goals setting 2022. Remember to set goals that are attainable and don’t ever give up!

  1. Don’t ever stop learning!

    • I’ve never learned this much in my life. I’ve learned so much about myself and my capabilities. I went from not knowing how to post on Instagram to fast forward one year later, I can edit videos on final cut pro, build my own website, learn to photograph, how to shoot a video, etc. Anything is possible if you put your heart and mind into it. I’ve read and learned so much. So thankful for technologies! Also my goal this year is to learn a new language.
  2. Focus on me (self-care)

    • Ever since my dad passed away, it was always very natural to always put others’ well-being first before my own. Naturally, after having my 3 kiddos, I’d always put their needs above my own. But what I’ve learned this year is that taking care of myself FIRST actually makes me a BETTER MOM. So don’t forget to remind yourselves, moms, you are important. You need to take care of yourself before you can take care of others, and your health is most important.
  3. Consistent exercise routine

    30 DAY WORKOUT challenge

    • This one is always on everyone’s list for a reason and usually, it’s always on mine, but there’s a difference this year. Rather than aiming to have a 6 pack or wanting to have a super tight booty (although, that would be nice), my goal with fitness this year is to simply be CONSISTENT. Honestly, we’re all moms. Things will inevitably get in the way and sometimes it will be harder on some days than others to go to the gym. But what I have found is that doing something, ANYTHING, to make your body movement will help. Even if it’s 10 or 15 or 20 mins. Making it a habit to WANT to work out every day is my ultimate goal. Because every time I exercise, nothing gets me more energized for the day than breaking a sweat in the morning, knowing that I did something for ME and ME only. It makes me feel invincible, powerful, and strong. It elevates my mood and makes me make healthier food choices as well! As a mom, this is probably the most important one. Start with something simple, like taking a walk, doing simple exercises at home. Just keep in mind to stay active and keep it moving. My January 30 workout challenge is on! Make sure to check it out!
  4. Waking up early

    • This is by far lots of people’s number one goal. As for a mom of three waking up early and having that alone time before my kids wake up is absolutely crucial. You can check out my 7 tips on how to wake up early to see how it can help you wake up early in the morning.
  5. Healthy Food

    • Eating healthy is probably the most important goal out of all the 11 goals. If you don’t eat healthy food, you’ll have nothing. For me and my family, we’ve created a lifestyle that minimizes processed food and sugary food and drinks. It’s tough in the beginning but once you see the change in your body, you’ll feel so great and you’ll never go back.
  6. Drink more water

    grapefruit juice

    • Hydration is what keeps my body running great all day. We all know that our body is made up of 70% water. If you don’t drink enough water, you can have a dry mouth, brain fog, low energy, fatigue, dry skin, and more. Make sure to carry a bottle with you all the time and stay hydrated. Check out my post about the benefits of staying hydrated.
  7. Good night sleep

    • This might be an obvious one but having a good night’s sleep correlates with everything on this list. If you don’t have a good night’s rest, then you won’t be able to wake up early, you’ll end up feeling tired, and probably will be in a bad mood, which will create a ripple effect on your entire day. Having a good night routine allows you to maximize your sleep which is better for your skin, body, and mind!
  8. Go outdoors and enjoy nature

    • Every chance I get to go for a hike or just take a walk in my neighborhood is a plus. Try exploring hiking trails in your area. Just going outside taking a walk and breathing in some fresh air can absolutely change the way you feel. For me, every chance I get to walk my little Opie I’ll do it.
  9. Consistent in meditating

    • During the pandemic, I feel like meditating is what saved my sanity. I still can’t believe I made it through the lockdown with three kids under 5 years old, but I have meditated to thank you for that. I had such a wonderful experience with mediating. Although I haven’t been super consistent with meditating, I’m hoping I will be in the new year!
  10. Read one book a month

    • I’ve always loved the idea of reading but after having kids, it’s almost impossible to finish a book. I’ve made it a goal to read one book a month. At the moment, I seriously can’t even finish a movie with Doug. It’s almost impossible for me to watch anything because I’m so tired at the end of the day. If you don’t have time, try using audible. I’ve read many books this past year from using audible. It’s very convenient since I can just listen while I’m driving.
  11. Spend more time with friends

    • I feel like we’ve all lost 2 years of quality time with our friends. This coming year I’m going to try my best to plan more outings with my girlfriends and friends. Having a family and balancing life can be hard, but my friends are my everything. It is so important to have that time alone to do girl stuff and vent! haha…sorry honey!

    This year was a blessing. Thank you for another year! It could have been better without COVID but eh I’ll take it. Everyone we know is healthy and happy, what more can we ask for right? Even though this career I’ve chosen has been hard, feeling fulfilled in my passion definitely beats making money for a job I don’t like. 😛 Thank you again for the support and for reading this post. Hope you guys have an amazing and healthy 2022. Cheers everyone!





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