The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist Printable

February 17, 2021

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The spring cleaning checklist printable you’ve been waiting for is here! Don’t you hate having a messy house? Laundry baskets piled up to the ceilings. Dirty dishes in the sink waiting for you to wash. Toothpaste smeared across the mirror in the bathroom. Bed not made. Food particles all over the floor that you’ll need to vacuum. Ooo, even just the thought of it drives me cuckoo! If you’re reading this and you’re thinking, that is my house right now or I need to go home and clean right now, don’t worry friend, I’ve got you covered. Thankfully, I’ve been obsessed with cleaning all my life. That’s why I created this ultimate spring cleaning checklist printable for my family. When I watch Friends, I literally think that the character Monica was modeled after me because I LOVE cleaning. I LOVE organizing. I LOVE finding new and efficient ways to tidy up my space. I LOVE label makers and organization bins. I LOVE the smell of cleaning products and the sound of my vacuum makes my heart skip a beat. If you’re not quite as (is crazy the word?), don’t worry. Because once you clean your house using my strategies & spring cleaning checklist printable, you’ll see why I’m so OBSESSED with cleaning. 

Why is cleaning important?

A clean home matters because a clean home means a clear mind. A messy home will make every other aspect of your life chaotic. Having kids is chaotic enough, why throw in more unnecessary stress? Having a clean home means things are more efficient, which in turn will make YOU more efficient. Trust me when I say, when I can only have 15 chickens and ducks, 3 children, 1 dog, and a husband only because we have a good system. Having a clean home helps create a place where I feel relaxed and comfortable, even during a time like this! 

If you’re ready to have a perfectly clean home to start the year off right, then read on to learn about my system for creating and maintaining a crystal clean home that will make you FINALLY feel at peace in your home. 


  1. Schedule time to clean.
    1. I do a big cleaning every quarter, usually at the start of the first month of the quarter. This is so that I can easily remember when we should have the next clean up. Regularly cleaning means less clutter to clean every time you do a big cleaning.
    2. Block out a day or a weekend where you and the family can clean up together. Get ready to load up the coffee, because it will all be worth it by the end!
  1. Start from top to bottom.
    1. Dust, sweep, and wipe everything down first. This is so that all the dirt and dust falls down so that you can clean it later.

  1. Get ready. 
    1. Get a donation box and trash bag ready so you can easily categorize things as you declutter. Get your cleaning supplies ready including all-purpose spray, wood spray, towels, sponges, gloves, etc.

  1. Make it a family affair
    1. I love including my kids in the cleanup process. By including them in the process, it teaches them that cleaning isn’t a boring task and creates a lifelong good habit for them. Make it fun by having them help you wipe and mop! Doing it as a family creates a team mentality for taking care of the home.

  1. Tackle one room at a time.
    1. Focus on one room at a time so you don’t overwhelm yourself. 
  1. Clean from the inside out.
    1. I always start from the inside of the house to the outside.
  1. Declutter
    1. Toss out things that haven’t been used or worn in the last 6 months. Don’t be attached, if it doesn’t “spark joy,” it likely isn’t worth keeping. This includes clothes, expired products, loose paper, broken appliances or old toys. 
  1. Refill & Restock
    1. This is when I usually run through my checklist of home goods so that I get an idea of what to buy on my next shopping trip. This includes kitchen ingredients, cleaning supplies, home supplies, food.  
  1. Schedule a bulk pick up from your garbage company 
    1. My garbage company gives us 2 big annual pickups! Use this to get rid of any large items.
  1. Donate!
    1. Donate old toys, clothes, and appliances to your local salvation army. 
  1. Vacuum and mop!
    1. THE best and most satisfying part of the process. Vacuum and mop the ground after you’ve cleaned up every room. Seeing the floors spotless is the perfect *chefs kiss* touch to end your day of cleaning. 

Make sure to subscribe to my blog to gain access to your own spring cleaning checklist where I go in-depth with what you should clean, when you should clean it, and what products I use to clean! Until next time, have wonderful spring cleaning friends!





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