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Our trip to Maui Hawaii

November 5, 2021

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Aloha Friends!

Wow…what an incredible trip to Maui Hawaii! I literally forgot what it feels like to travel since we haven’t traveled anywhere for the last two years, for obvious reasons. I was quite nervous about traveling with kids to Hawaii for our good friend’s wedding, but it was awesome!


Leading up to the trip, there was a lot of discussion about whether we should bring our kids or not, or whether it was even safe now to travel! Most importantly, we didn’t want to expose our kids and my mother-in-law to COVID since they’re at a higher risk of infection. And lastly, we thought to ourselves, would it still be fun with all the regulations? Turns out, yes!

Everything you need to know about traveling to Hawaii!

The most stressful part of this trip was the safe travel restriction from Hawaii on Hawaiian airlines and passengers. We had forms and tests we had to fill out and take before we arrived in Hawaii. Since it was our first time it was quite stressful, but in hindsight, it actually wasn’t too bad. Since Sadie is around 5 years old, she didn’t get her vaccine yet, and so she needed to take a Covid test 72 hours before the trip.

Mandatory State of Hawaii Travel and Health Form

Hawaii Covid Test Travel Partners

Here’s the list of places you can go that’s on the Hawaii travel website.

  1. Mama’s Fish House
  2. Maui Pineapple Tour
  3. Road to Hana
  4. Lahaina
  5. Luau at Wailea beach resort Mariott
  6. Maui Ocean Center
  7. Haleakala National Park

travel with kids to hawaii

But we made the decision to just go and take the chance to travel to our friend’s wedding in Maui with our WHOLE family. Since having our vaccines, we realized that life must go on. We don’t want to let life pass us by anymore. There is a way to travel that is SAFE and that’s ultimately what we did. Throughout the trip, we practiced good hygiene, wore our masks, and constantly sanitize our hands. We stayed away from crowded indoor spaces and stayed 6 ft apart whenever possible.

Our trip to Maui, Hawaii was amazing. (Yes…even traveling with 3 kids). The kids were great on the plane, (lots of movies downloaded), and it was our first time traveling on Hawaiian airlines. I was so impressed with their service and the hot food, snacks, and beverages that were provided. The attendants were very attentive. We did bring Lysol disinfectant wipes to wipe down the tables and seat belts but also bought these table mats to put on top of the tables since my kids love touching everything. The flight was smooth. We kept them busy with coloring books, activities, and most importantly their amazon fire Tablet. Each seat had a USB charger and if you downloaded their Hawaiian airline apps and hopped on their Wifi you can watch movies and shows on your iPhones!

maui hawaii vacation

Our good friends got married at Haiku Mill, Maui Hawaii, one of the most beautiful venues we’ve ever visited. Haiku mill used to be a sugar mill, and now it’s a historic place. I was in awe of how beautiful this property is. This historical venue is draped with vines and tropical plants. The decor is inspired by French meets European. I can’t stop raving about how gorgeous this venue is. If I was young and thinking about getting married in Hawaii this would definitely be my top location. The style is so chic and natural. Love the natural and yet elegant vibe this beautiful venue brings. http://haikumill.com/story/

We stayed at the wedding hotel which is the Wailea Beach Resort Marriott. This was our first time staying at this hotel. The staff was amazing and super friendly. We had the best time swimming, hanging with our friends, dinner on the beach, watching the sunrise and sunset, and building sandcastles. My kids literally spent at least 3-5 hours a day in the pool every day. The family pool was great because it was only 2-3ft deep with multiple slides. The kids wore their floaties and had the most fun in the pool. The location of Wailea beach resort Marriott was also a winner because it was 5 mins walking distance to the mall next door and an island gourmet market. Yes and we bought all of our souvenirs and spam musubis there. We also bought a prime rib dinner from this market for just $27.99 and ate it by the beach while watching the sunset.

sadie's birthday

One of the most special days was my little Sadie’s birthday was on the day of our friend’s wedding. We spent the whole week celebrating her birthday. On the first day of arrival, she told me “Mom, can I stay here for 9 years?” I said, “9 years?” She said, “yes, I want to stay here for 9 years.” Hawaii always had a special place in Sadie’s heart. She loves the ocean and the culture. Second to last night, she literally spent 20 mins just staring at the sunset and listening to the waves.

This trip was amazing…we feel so much more comfortable about traveling to Maui Hawaii, and living our life again. I know it might be scary for a lot of people but we just can’t live life in fear. The best we can do is get our vaccinations (lower the chance of transmission), wear a mask, get tested if we have symptoms, wash our hands and sanitize often, eat healthily and make sure we stay strong!

wailea beach

I am so glad we decided to take the whole family to Maui Hawaii and witness our friend’s beautiful wedding. If you guys are traveling this year, I hope you guys enjoy your trip and have a great time making memories! Thank you, Hawaii, for the amazing time. We love you and can’t wait to be back! Since Hawaiian travel restrictions have been made easy and anyone vaccinated can travel there, why don’t you plan a vacation? Have fun!





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