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July 8, 2021

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Well, good news for Disney lovers! Disneyland just opened its door again after Covid-19, many people and especially children are overjoyed at this amazing news/revelation. Many are trying to get their hands on tickets right away. And yes, I am one of those people who waited far too long and went online to purchase tickets as soon as they reopened.Disney packing list

I waited 7 hours to finally buy my tickets online. And now it is time to go and have some incredible time exploring the adventurous land. But I won’t dare to leave for this adventure without a Disneypackinglist of my own and neither should you. If you have planned a great day with your children and family to spend in Disneyland then you should focus on getting certain things with you. It will make your day easier especially with children.


You can’t possibly be buying everything at Disney because

A) it is a straight money bust

B) things aren’t as tempting in terms of quality there.


That is why I had to compile a Disneypackinglist. The list should include items in correspondence with Covid-19 too since we still have to deal with it despite vaccination is in effect. In my experience packing for Disneyland can be so exciting but also super overwhelming at the same time. If you don’t know where to start and want to make your packing job a lot easier, you’re at the right place.

I am among those who like to be prepared before undertaking any journey. Traveling with three kids isn’t easy so I try to pack light and try not to lose a kid at the airport (humor).  Having a Disneypackinglist just like me ****will help you in taking some baggage off of your shoulders.

Alright, let’s dive into the Disneypackinglist. If you guys want further convenience, then make sure to develop a Disney packing list pdf for digital use.

#1 Foldable water bottle!

silicone waterbottle

I love these kinds of water bottles because they’re great for traveling and they’re not heavy to carry around. If I don’t need it, I can just easily fold it and throw it in my backpack. Plus, staying hydrated is super important. I really don’t like buying a bunch of bottled water at the park because it is expensive and bad for the environment. You’ll find water fountains everywhere from the airport, hotel, and the park, so just fill it up there and you are golden. Pro tip: make sure to fill your canteen up with ice at the hotel to have icy water to keep you cool at the park!

#2 Hand sanitizer and extra masks

handsanitizer mickey mouse mask

I don’t know about you, but somehow, my kids always misplace their masks. So I always bring extra for them. Plus, I found these really cute Mickey Mouse-themed masks on amazon. Trying to avoid spending my WHOLE bank account at Disney. If you are smart and want to enjoy your stay at Disney, you should do this. Also, if you are going to pick everything from a convenience store, then make sure that you have a Disney packing list printable with you to cross off the items you have bought.

#3 Comfortable loose fit clothing

Wear comfortable clothes, shorts, and t-shirts and make sure you wear your most comfortable shoes. The last thing you need at Disneyland is a bunch of blisters on your feet. My sister is making me wear a family shirt. So we’ll see how that goes. Also, don’t forget your ears if you like them. Save yourself more money!

#4 Care pack

I always have this care pack I created for my family. Things like Band-Aids, cortisone, allergy medicine, eye drops, etc. It’s very extra but trust me; you don’t know how many times it saves the day!

#5 Sunscreen & Hat & Sunglasses


This one is so important because the last thing you want is a bunch of sunburned kids. I like using the spray because it is light and easy to apply, but my kids aren’t a fan, so sometimes we’ll just use lotion.

#6 Double/single stroller


Bringing a light umbrella stroller is great for travel. I know for sure the kids will be tired of walking, so bringing a light stroller will save you from having to carry them around.

#7 Fanny pack

I love packing a fanny pack with me because I don’t like reaching in my backpack all the time for stuff. This will be nice and easy for your phone and wallet.

#8 Wet wipes

Best invention ever! If you ever need to change the diaper of a toddler, you can just take a bunch of these and use them as they do the trick just fine. Plus, if needed, you can sanitize your hands with it. Killing two birds with a single stone. I get all my wipes from costco!

#9 Stroller fan

stroller fan

This one is nice since it can get pretty hot in the summer. My kids are still young, so it’ll be nice for them to nap in the stroller with a fan.

Bonus: Foldable car seat/booster

foldable carseatfoldable booster

My friend introduced me to this amazing foldable car seat and booster from Mifold and it completely changed my travel game. Check it out and comment below if you have or will be getting one!

Alright, hope you guys enjoy this post! I’ll definitely have a post about my experience back in Disneyland next week. If you guys are heading to Disneyland this summer, make sure to comment below and let me know your experience. Have fun and stay safe, everyone!






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