Vegetables to grow in the winter

31 Best Vegetables to grow in the WINTER

December 17, 2021

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Are you thinking about vegetables to grow for winter harvest or how to grow vegetables in winter? You might give up thinking that growing vegetables are only for the springtime. This is because winter growing doesn’t get enough shout-out.

Some of the most delicious vegetables are grown in the winter. Trust me I used to have the same thought when I first started growing my own vegetables. Keep in mind I’m located in California and I’m in zone 9b so you might live in a different zone than I do. Check your zone here. But like I said just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can grow something delicious in your garden. Today, I’m going to share with you the 31 delicious and best vegetables to grow in the winter.

Truthfully the easier way to know when to plant the winter crops is either by looking at the back of the seeds package or going to a nursery and seeing what they have.

You can easily find vegetables to grow in fall and winter there. For me, I planted some of these vegetables in October and November. These are some of the easiest vegetables to grow from seeds. Like I always say you’ll fail but it’s all about learning and doing it again. That’s why I love gardening. You’ll fail and then you just keep trying until you get it. It’s such an amazing feeling to grow your own vegetables and enjoy them with your family.

31 Delicious vegetables to grow for Winter Harvest!

1. Kale

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    • I love growing kale. I grow these all year round but this is one of the best vegetables to grow in winter California. They’re so nutritious and are great in your smoothie, soup, and salad. The only thing I hate is the little aphids that they attract. The good thing is in the winter there are fewer aphids.

2. Swiss Chard

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    • Another leafy green that grows all year round. I planted these rainbow chards in the winter and they’re still thriving. Swiss chard is great in garden beds and containers. They’re extremely tolerant of heat and cold. It’s also great in the shades.

3.  Carrots

    • I love growing carrots but they can be kind of finicky with the soil. I’ve had tons of failures but also succeeded in the past. To get long and sweet carrots you need well-drained soil that is free of rocks and sticks. I’ve had success in those growth bags you can purchase online. We especially love rainbow carrots, we Throw them in the oven and roast them for 30mins and eat it with some Greek yogurt!

4. Beets

    • These delicious nutritious beets are packed with so many vitamins and minerals. We plant them by seed in the soil and they’re very easy to grow. Lots of organic materials so I like watering them in rice water and fish meal.

5. Turnip

      • Turnip has so many varieties! I love all of them. Plant seeds directly into the bed. Turnips are so delicious; we love making turnip cakes or soup with them They like well-drained rich soil.

6. Radish

    • Radishes are so fun to grow because they are easy and fast-growing. You can literally plant them every other week and eat them all year-round. They like lots of compost and loose soil. Great with salads and soup!

7. Leeks

    • This is Doug’s favorite vegetables to grill! Leeks are actually pretty easy to grow and they’re actually pretty good in soup and sauteed dishes. They have many health benefits. Eat the tender white stem and toss the green leaves in your compost or in my case, I feed them to the chickens.

8. Chives

    • I love growing Asian chives (also known as garlic chives) they’re so easy to grow and they literally grow all year round.

9. Green Onions


    1. what to grow this winter SmallUsually, we use shallots to grow thick and strong green onions. Once planted then we can use them in the winter.

10. Broccoli

      • Eat your broccoli…apart from being one of the best and easy vegetables to grow for winter harvest, they’re one of the most nutritious vegetables in the world! They’re full of vitamin c, vitamin a, iron, calcium, and fiber. Broccoli is easy to grow and very tolerant of extreme temperatures. Eat them raw, sauteed, steam, they’re so diverse and super good for you!

11. Cauliflower

    • Cauliflower has become one of my favorite vegetables to roast but it can be difficult to grow. They like moist soil and regular compost and fish emulsion every two weeks.

12. Brussel Sprouts

    • Brussel sprouts take a little longer to grow compared to other vegetables. But when you’re successful they just taste that much better. They do attract aphids (which I can’t stand) This plant can grow up to 3 ft! They’re so yummy when you roast them with garlic and shredded bacon! One of my kid’s favorite dishes.

13. Cabbage

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    • I’m a big fan of cabbage salad. They’re very versatile and they’re great in the cooler season. It is one of my favorite vegetables to grow for winter harvest.

14. Bok Choy

    • Also known as Asian cabbage. This bok choy will keep growing if you just eat the leaves and not harvest the whole plant. They do attract a few insects such as snails and slugs. I use a beer trap method to control the problem. But definitely still worth it!

15. Asian Tender greens (Choy Sum)

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    • Easy to grow and the flowers are just so beautiful. We love blanching or sauteing in garlic.

16. Chinese Broccoli


    • Easy Vegetables to grow in the winterAlso, another great Asian green to grow from seeds. Chinese broccoli can be planted directly into the soil and thinning after it becomes a plant.

17. Mizuna

    • This one is my newest favorite vegetable to grow. Mizuna is a leafy green vegetable from east Asia. They’re great in salads! I’m growing wasabi mizuna that literally tastes like wasabi.

18. Celery

    • Great cool-season crop and we just love using them for juicing.

19. Snap peas

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    • sugar snap, snow peas, green peas are all so delicious. Peas can be a direct seed rather than a transplant. They’re a climber so you’ll need some support.

20. Beans

    • Bush or pole beans…they’re both easy to grow and they have so many different types and colors. They can be planted between October to November.

21. Spinach

    • It is one of the most nutritious vegetables to grow for winter harvest. You can plant spinach seeds directly into the soil in fall and late winter. It grows really well in full sun and in partial shade. We love using them in our smoothies, breakfast, or salad.

22. A Variety of lettuce

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    • Salad for days!! If you harvest the other leaves the plant will keep growing and continue to produce. They need cool soil and cool temperatures so I like to plant them in a partial shade area. They’re also great in containers.

23. Mustard green

best Vegetables to grow in the winter

    • Mustard greens are so yummy. They have this bitter taste that I totally dig. They’re easy to grow, you can plant them in full sun or partial shade. You can harvest them by picking the outer leaves or harvesting the whole plant.

24. Parsley

    • Parsley is known for its health benefits. They may treat high blood pressure, allergies, or even inflammatory diseases. Throw them in your salad, marinate, or in your smoothie!

25. Fennel

    • One of my most favorite vegetables to grow for winter harvest. I love making delicious fennel and apple salad. They have a hint of licorice flavor and they’re sweet and crunchy. They grow in full sun or partial shade. Once ready to harvest you can cut the bulb just under the base and the plant will produce additional bulbs.

26. Japanese tender greens (​​Koji)

    • These delicious tender greens are just like bok choy. So easy to grow and full of nutrients.

27. Cilantro

    • Cilantro can be grown indoors and outdoors. Also known as coriander. Plant them in cooler parts of the yard because once it gets too hot then they’re bolted. Very versatile and one of my go-to herbs to use in my kitchen.

28. Collard greens

    • This large and fast-growing leaving green is so nutritious! Plant collard greens in the sun or partial shade. They grow kinda big but sometimes attract tons of caterpillars and aphids.

29. Arugula

    • These peppery greens are one of my favorites to put into my salad. Arugula is easy to grow from seeds and can be grown in a garden bed or containers

30. Garlic

    • When you are thinking of vegetables to grow for the winter harvest, don’t forget to add Garlic to your list. This strong flavor plant has one of the best-known health benefits. Some of them are it may lower cholesterol, may reduce the risk of cancer, and improve cardiovascular health! Plant them in October. The Green Leaves of the garlic can be cut and used in your food.

31. Microgreens- Indoor

    • We love growing microgreens all year round. They’re so versatile and especially great for people that don’t have space outdoors.

These are the best vegetables to grow for winter harvest. If you are a vegetation freak like me, don’t forget to give your input. Hope you guys enjoy this post, if you did make sure to follow me on social media or sign up for my newsletter? Comment below and let me know your favorite vegetables to grow.





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